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    skell hails from Pittsburgh, PA. where the Mike Palone first teamed up with bass player, Michael Ekis, to form a band that would play the kind of music that was rarely heard on the local music scene. With the additions of vocalist Wally Wright and drummer Keith Kweder, Skell, one of the Pittsburgh area’s biggest draws, just keeps on getting bigger, better, and louder. With the realese of there new album Shangrila 27 they have sold a staggering 30,000 copies, and the number continues to grow. So put on your helmets and get to a skell show you wont be […]

  • Under the Bridge with skell PARS368

    Mike gives us some insight on his former and Whiskey High, current bands skell and Dimwit. He told us about life within the band since the passing of their drummer Keith Kweder and the EP that they plan on releasing at Kwederfest that features Keith on drums called, Everything is Fine. We talked about how After the Fall wrote a song dedicated to Keith and loss, as well as their taking the lead on creating and running Kwederfest to keep Keith in our memories. He also talked about the loss of Terry McCoy from Bled Zeppelin. He gave us some […]

  • Shrouded In Neglect

    Shrouded in Neglect PARS431

    Nate Kepner of Shrouded in Neglect made is first trip to the Pennsylvania Rock Show tonight, and yes ladies and gentleman, that means this is a metal show! We talked about where the band name came from (this was a new one for me) and how the band formed. We talked about a few other metal bands from the scene both early on and later in the show. We moved on to Nate’s influences which include but are not limited to Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. (Okay maybe he mentions some metal bands and 90’s alternative bands, too). We then talked […]

  • Joey Conner PARS430

    Joey Conner of Tilted Shadows returns to the show to talk about his upcoming solo album. We talked about his playing guitar for musicals. Joey talked about his upcoming solo recording and how it came about. He talks about how the EP will be distributed and how it was recorded. Segment 2 We talked about upcoming shows for Tilted Shadows, David Hipchen (apparently the whole band haha) Acoustic Joey talks about playing Deutschtown Music Festival twice in one day. He also talks about playing in a rock band as a younger person. We talk about Dave abusing Joey with his guitar […]


    We did something unusual this week, well actually 2 very unusual things. We had a guest on from a cover band. WHAT!?! As you all know the Pennsylvania Rock Show is about original music. That doesn’t mean that we’re against cover bands, we just can’t play covers on the show. We are also playing 5, yes 5 brand new songs to the show in this episode! Shannon of 2KD joined us to talk about their second annual #SYDSTRONG toy drive. The toy drive is in honor of a past Rock for Life Recipient who has unfortunately, passed. Its their way […]

  • Rock for Life 18 Preview

    In this episode, we do a pre-show for Rock for Life 18. You’ll hear interviews from last year’s Rock for Life 17 as well as new interviews from this year’s gigaroo. Included in these interviews are Alicia Hruby (2013 Recipient), Amanda Hensel (mother of Alex Hooks 2005 recipient) & Mark Hensel, Patty and Eric Jageman (parents of 2016 recipient, Dylan), Mike Piroch of Staley’s Comet and many  other bands, Mike Ekis from skell, OverMyDeadBody’s Natasha, members of Kill the Drama, & Sean of Homicide Black. You also get to hear music from 9 of the participating bands including another new […]

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